Dec 17, 2021

What is xOps?

xOps is an umbrella term that encompasses different IT disciplines that aim to smoothen the collaboration between different teams, with the end goal to improve the software delivery speed and quality. DevOps, SecOps, AIOps, GitOps are the most widely known components of xOps.

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Hi, my name is Mirko, I’m an Italian software architect specialized in cloud computing. I’m a promoter of operational excellence, security, infrastructure as code, and automation. I love to work in diverse and globally distributed teams. I wake in the morning because there are problems to be solved.

In my career in software I have touched xOps from many angles and the goal of this blog is to share the most interesting challenges I have faced and how I have addressed them. I hope you find this material useful 😄 !

Check out my repository GitHub/mlgatto and if you want to know what I’m doing for a living, check my profile on LinkedIn .


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